Presentation Folder Sample Packs

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Lockhart’s custom presentation folders and marketing accessories are quite simply the best in the business – and we believe so much in the beauty and elegance of our work, that we want you to feel and hold the physical samples in your hands.  Each of our sample packs below contains a variety of our folder samples, with detailed examples of our patented printing embossing and foil-stamping techniques. We will ship the sample pack of your choice free of charge. Order yours today!

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Lockhart Tax Return Folders Cover Set

Accounting Folders Package

  • Brand Identity Guide
  • Expanding Fastener Folder
  • Hidden Bind Folder
  • Tax Portfolio Folder
  • Prestige Folder: large, 75
  • Conventional: top and side-bound
  • Invis-A-Bind: side-bound permanent
  • Invis-A-Bind: top-bound rebindable
  • Panel Covers: top and side-bound
  • Presentation Envelope: regular size
Lockhart Tax Return Presentation Folders

Financial Planning Folders Package

  • Brand Identity Guide
  • Financial Portfolio Folder
  • Jacketcover
  • Prestige Folder: regular size
  • Ring Binder Side-Bound
  • Conventional Side-Bound
  • Two-Piece Cover
  • Side Panel Cover
  • Presentation Envelope: regular
Lockhart Tax Presentation Folders Conventional

Estate Planning Folders Package

  • Brand Identity Guide
  • Portfolio Folders: estate, XL & 1.5 Size
  • Prestige Folders: regular size
  • Conventional Side-Bound CoverSet
  • Side Panel Cover


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It can help to visualize a design or talk to someone about your design ideas to help you choose the best imprinting and folders for your business.