About Lockhart

We help CPAs and other financial professionals retain high-value clients, win new ones and enjoy healthy margins by elevating their image so people perceive their true value as trusted advisors.

A message from Greg Lockhart, President of Lockhart Industries

In 2004 I learned first hand the true value of a Trusted Financial Advisor. My father, Bill Lockhart, who founded our firm suddenly passed away after a routine medical procedure.

Although I had an accounting background and had worked for the firm for many years, I had no idea the “Rubik’s Cube” array of important decisions I was about to live through for the next 18 months. Luckily, I eventually found a great CPA that guided me.

Although I knew intellectually the importance of a trusted advisor, it wasn’t until after this experience that I truly knew on an emotional level just how important this would be to ensure the continuity of our firm and the many jobs it provided to our team members.

After that, I knew never to think of finanacial advisors as commodities or as a cost of doing business.  Jerry, my second CPA after my father’s death, skillfully guided me through so many important and nuanced situations. I also knew he genuinely cared and would be available to my family or me at a moment’s notice.

As a result, he had earned my business until the day he retired and I never once thought to haggle about his fees.

I think of this experience with pride knowing the community that we sell our presentation folders to.  Our mission is to help Trusted Advisors connect with their clients and also help them get paid fairly for their important work.

Are your clients aware of all the valuable services you have to assist them unlock the financial curve balls life keeps throwing at them? Also, do they know how much you truly value their existing business, and how much you want to help them as their most trusted advisor?

The Lockhart Vision

Our founder, Bill Lockhart, understood that if you’re proud of your work and show that you’re proud of it, good things will follow naturally. That might sound like a truism, but it wasn’t what he saw going on around him. CPAs were not presenting their important work for its true value.

The vision behind Lockhart Presentation Folders was simple yet visionary:

Professional work deserves professional presentation.

Bill set out to create a firm dedicated to helping financial professionals convey the true value of their intangible work. He was successful in his mission.

Thousands of prominent firms have made Lockhart the undisputed leader in helping financial professionals elevate their image and increase the perceived and billable value of their work with custom presentation folders.

Bill Lockhart: Founder of Lockhart, Custom Presentation Folder Experts

The Lockhart Guarantee

You risk nothing! Everything you order, including all custom imprinted work, is guaranteed to satisfy you or return it, at our expense, for an immediate 100% refund. Period!