Customize Folders with Your Logo, Brand Colors, & More

Branded Folders

Customize Folders with Your Logo, Brand Colors, & More Options

You are not a commodity; you are a valued consultant. You are not a service; you are a trusted advisor. That’s why it is so important to brand your image of excellence into the hearts and minds of your most valued clients with a tangible, physical reminder of your good work. You want to retain your best clients, not chase new ones – and you want your clients to think highly of you – and remember you – even after your work has been delivered. You want to be remembered as an important player in the history of their business.

Our custom branded folders and report covers leave behind a document that lasts; that looks, feels and endures like a historical, archival document. For over half a century, prestigious individual and firms like yours have chosen Lockhart branded folders for their lasting value, classic design aesthetic, and patented printing, embossing, and foil stamping techniques. Explore some of our trademark printing options below or schedule a design consultation.

ColoRaised™ Imprinting

Set the bar of your identity above that of your competitors with our exclusive multi-step imprinting process. Raise the quality and distinction of your brand’s image and create a higher level of elegance and prestige for your firm. 

Embossed Designer Border

Your clients will see and feel your attention to detail with this deep, crisply embossed picture frame border.



 Spine Imprinting

Prominently and precisely brand your company name and display your proposal and report titles to remind clients of the integrity and value of your professional work.



Back Cover Imprinting

Make a statement about your commitment to quality by displaying your contact information, office locations, list of services, or branding promise on the back of your presentation.



Pocket Imprinting

The convenience of client filing instructions or contact information imprinted inside your presentation creates a helpful, practical experience your clients will appreciate.

Triflex Imprinting

Prestigiously imprint your firm name and logo on the inside of your presentation. This extra touch reinforces your brand image and demonstrates your attention to detail.

Need Design Help?

It can help to visualize a design or talk to someone about your design ideas to help you choose the best imprinting and folders for your business.

Want Folder Samples?

Our free folder sample kit includes a variety of our most popular presentation folders with examples of our exclusive embossing and foil stamping techniques.

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