Foil Stamped Presentation Folders - The highest degree of luxury and elegance

Foil Stamped Presentation Folders

The highest degree of luxury and elegance

Lockhart’s exclusive foil stamping process brands your identity with true grace and distinction, and represents the highest expression of the printer’s art.


Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a specialty printing process that uses heat, pressure, metal dies and foil film. The foil comes in rolls in a wide assortment of colors and finishes. Choosing your foil is probably the most exciting part of the folder process, and your options are almost unlimited.

Custom Foil Stamped Folder Example
Custom Foil Stamping: Types of Foil, Color Options

Types of Foil

Metallic foil is the most commonly used material in foil stamping. This material produces a shiny metallic finishOur metallic foil colors include gold, silver, pewter and copper.

Pigment foils don’t have a metallic look, but instead come in a range of glossy colors. These are great for pulling out text or logos in an eye-catching color. We offer a full range of pigment foils.

You can also request custom foil colors from an almost endless range of options.

Our Custom Foil Stamping Process

Once your design is finalized it is milled into a brass metal die. The die is heated and the foil is placed between the die and the surface of the paper to be stamped. It is then stamped with enough pressure to bond a thin layer of foil to the paper. 

For multiple colored designs, separate dies need to be created for each color, and several runs of the press are required to produce the final design. A final die is also created if an embossed (raised) image or effect is desired for the design.

Custom Foil Stamping Process: Examples
Folder ColoRaised™ Imprinting Example

Our Exclusive ColoRaised™ Imprinting

Our exclusive ColoRaised™ imprinting is a multi-step process that combines foil stamping with raised embossing on the surface of the cover. 


Need Design Help?

It can help to visualize a design or talk to someone about your design ideas to help you choose the best imprinting and folders for your business.

Want Folder Samples?

Our free folder sample kit includes a variety of our most popular presentation folders with examples of our exclusive embossing and foil stamping techniques.

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