Custom Folder Customer Testimonials

“A few months ago I told you we were going with a different but local firm. Well we are not completely satisfied with their product. Let’s face it – IT IS NOT A LOCKHART. I am spoiled by your craftsmanship and professional look that our firm wants.”

Carol B.

“We received many compliments on our new folders this year. We never received any comments about our former folders. We love them!”

Kathy W.

“I must say, so many raving reviews by clients on the folders. Every time I look at them I get a big smile on my face. Odd how paper can change feelings.”

Lon Sevigny

“I just saw the folders this morning and I LOVE THEM! They look so fantastic. Thank you so much!”

Amanda Mueller

“BTW, I am extremely pleased with Lockhart folders. One of the best business investments ever!! Lot of compliments from clients. You guys rock! “

Van P.

“The covers are awesome and all of my clients have been very impressed with how professional their tax returns look because of them. Thanks again.”

Mark F.

“Love your products; my clients have really said “WOW”. “

Marcus H.

“Just opened them up. THEY ARE GORGEOUS !!!!!! We love them so much!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Thank you so much for your continued service and a product that surpasses all others!”

Diane M.

“Please know we love the materials and are excited to process returns more quickly yet still with a very professional look.”

Meg M.

“I appreciate your help this year. We received literally dozens of compliments about the folders. Possibly the nicest in Columbus. Big thank you to you guys.”

Ryan D.

“Our clients are certainly enjoying the folders. Thank you so much.”

Kashka K.

“Everything is great. I just put one of the new covers on the company records for an LLC that I set up and it looked very professional. You did a great job making my work look so much better.”

Rein S.

“The folders are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Sooooo much better than what we had! Everyone loves them! I will call you when we need to reorder! Thank you so much!!! “

Latisha G.

“The folders that we ordered from your company have worked like a charm for us. We did have quite a few clients that complimented on how professional looking they were. The larger size folder was exactly what we needed. Thank you for supplying our firm with a great product. Your product made our work look great! All we sell is numbers! Thank you!”

Becky Slate

“Thank you. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have gotten about my covers. You guys are tops in my book.”

Nelson F.

“We got our order in last week & just wanted to let you know that everything looks great! Your product always exudes quality & elegance. Thanks too for your excellent customer service!”

Carol P.

“I received the folders and boy are they gorgeous…”

Kate D.

“The folders look great and they are very pleased. We started using them the day we received them.”

Kelley Lees

“I did look at one of the folders and they are beautiful. I pranced around and showed them to the tax division and the partners like a proud mama! Everyone seemed to love them! Thank you so much for all of your assistance!”

Carmella E. Jankowski

“We really like the product and have gotten several positive comments from clients about the new “look”. “

Bradley G.

“Just so you know, I had a wonderful experience with a new client today. I first handed him back his prior year return in his rather flimsy and generic folder from his previous CPA. Then I pulled out his current year return in my folder. As I reviewed the return with him, instead of commenting on his significant balance due on his return, he couldn’t stop commenting on how awesome the presentation looked.”

Thomas S.

“Everything was great! The level of care and customer service provided by you through this process has been amazing!”

Shonnie L. Carter

“The folders are excellent! The tax department loves them, and I plan to show them off to the rest of the firm at our weekly meeting tomorrow. Thanks again for taking the time to work with us, and the patience to wait for us, I appreciate all your efforts!”

Brenda Cook

“The folders are awesome and have been well received by my clients.”

Jonathon O.

“I’m very impressed with the quality of your products and the attention to detail to ensure that it was done perfectly! Thank you again for all of your hard work and delivering what I believe is a wonderful product to present to my clients.”

Shawn W.

“We like the tax folders, they really give a professional appearance for our firm.”

Chris L.

“Our clients are very impressed! One new client to us said she loves the cover (itself) so much, she is going to carry it in her arm (firm name out) around town … now David (owner) doesn’t have to wear a sandwich sign!”

Kristi D.

“They look fantastic. We are very happy.”

Donna J. Smith

“Everything is perfect and the order arrived one week earlier than expected. Thank you very much for getting that out to us just in time!”

Lisa Suos

“The Covers & Folders are amazing!”

Jennifer Pruitt

“Everything looks great. Thank you so much for getting everything to me so quickly, you guys really are the best!”

Sarah Powers

“The binders are exactly what we wanted. We love them. Thank you!”

Rita Dippenaar

“We love the folders they look great!”

Kristin Weeks

“We received our order today and just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with how they turned out. We can’t wait to start using them.”

Angela Falasco

“I want you to know that it has been my absolute pleasure to work with you these past 14 or so years. You have always been so helpful and accommodating and helped me out numerous time when I was “in a bind”. I thank you for that. Lockhart Industries has a great product and I have always been so very proud to present the finished work to our clients. Your professionalism and high standards are reflected not only in your product, but in you and the entire organization that I have had the pleasure of working with.”

Cindy Palisch

“We received the shipment yesterday. Everything is perfect. My thanks to you and the entire team at Lockhart. You have a first-class operation.”

Dennis R. Stone

“I do appreciate your always prompt responses to our needs with a truly quality product.”

Linda Cobb

“The folders are beautiful! Thank you. They are being assembled and we will begin using them today.”

Helen M. Cripps

“The new folders were terrific and the clients loved them. Thank you for all your help on setting us up with our new folders.”

Lorena Biggs

“Thank you for this communication, your customer service is super!”

Larry J. Coleman

“We received them yesterday afternoon. They are awesome! Thank you for your partnership and working with us on these.”

Mary Bost

“Everything looks good. Using Lockhart folders is ready going to give my tax returns the quality and professionalism that I want my firm to represent.”

Bill Benton

“They look great and we are very happy with the product. Thanks for all your help putting these together. We will definitely reorder when the time comes that we need more.”

Pamela E. Darling

“I just want to share some sunshine with you! It has been a pleasure working with Edward Baker over the past week. He has been very prompt and attentive to my needs. I have requested items that were emailed me to me within minutes. This is my first year ordering tax supplies with Butler & Stowe and Edward has been a gem in helping make sure everything is seamless. I have worked in customer service for many years and it always seems like you always hear about the negative. I try to go out of my way to point out the positive and I love to share my positive experiences with customer service. It’s the 210 degree philosophy and I wish there were more people who would live life that way.”

Kelly A. Carpenter

“We received the folders and they are perfect!!!! It was a pleasure doing business with you and look forward to many more transactions!!! “

Bernadette Davis

“I opened up the covers and they look fantastic. We are very satisfied. We actually started using them right away. The specs were perfect as our internal cover sheet fits perfectly through the window.”

Connie Pedregosa

“I wanted you to know how pleased we are with our presentation covers this year. We are all very happy.”

Lynn Phillips

“I actually had meetings off site all day yesterday so I just saw the folders this morning and I LOVE THEM! They look so fantastic.”

Amanda A. Mueller

“Everything I’ve seen so far looks great. We’ve always gotten excellent products from you and I can’t think of any problems we’ve ever had. It’s always a pleasure working with you.”

Joyce L. Reichle

“We are extremely happy with the presentation folders we received. Thank you again. It was a pleasure doing business with you!”

Jackie C.

“Our income tax folders and supplies arrived this morning just as you stated they would. Everything is PERFECT and extremely PROFESSIONAL. I love them! Thanks again and I am well pleased! “

Lisa J.

“We LOVE the new folders. All of our tax clients are commenting on how cool they are. We are getting remarkable feedback! And I love the faster assembly time and ability to swap out returns if there are late changes without ruining the product. Excellent tax folder!!!”

Jessica C.

“Your products are sharp. We continue to pay more for our presentation folders because our image is important to us (most of our clients are high net worth individuals) and we are in a high rent district where professionalism and first class is expected. “

Jesse G.

“We have received the presentation covers and they look great!”

Malissa L.

“It just goes to show that local companies “get it” and know how to take care of business the way it should be done.”

Simon C.

“Look forward to the order as usual. These are very proud part of our return back to clients.”

Milton D.

“I wanted to close the loop with you to let you know we have received everything and the folders look great! Thank you for working with Rachel through the design and order process. We all are very happy with the product. As a matter of fact we put together a return for the first time in the folders and they look great.”

Mark M.

“Our covers are BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to bind some financials and see a finished product. Thank you so much for your help.”

Linda M.

“We love the product even with the advent of electronic delivery and our portal system. Clients love just being able to toss all their stuff in one place.”

Craig F.

“My Lockhart presentation folders make my tax season a joy! I received SO MANY compliments from clients (yes, they noticed) and positive feedback that I thought you would want to know. Why did I wait 20 years to get Lockhart? I highly recommend Lockhart and you were a joy to work with.”

Toni A.

“That should cover me for now and this time next year I will re-order the presentation folders which I get compliments on by almost every client, you guys have a great product.”

Brad P.

“Just wanted you to know that I am real pleased with the way these came out. My clients are impressed!!”

Tom W.

“Thank you so much for the financial statement binders, that helps me greatly. I’ve been very impressed with your bunch and the finished product.”

Mike M.

“We received the folders and love them! They came out beautiful.”

Tara N.

“I have a small single CPA practice in the high mountain country of Utah. Small, yes, but my firm mission and objective is to provide as high a quality service to my clients as can be found anywhere. Part of that includes the quality of the physical product delivered to my clients. Lockhart covers have contributed immeasurably to that perceived quality. Many clients comment on how they appreciate the quality and organization of their materials. Beyond that, I’ve had clients tell me how impressed their bankers and business associates have been. Some have said they are convinced a major reason they closed the loan was because of the favorable impression created by their product. I look at Lockhart products not as expense, but as an investment in client service and goodwill. To that end, Lockhart has performed very well. Thanks, Lockhart.”

Sharrel C.

“The folders are beautiful. You do such a wonderful job. We are very pleased. Thank you for all your help.”

Julie B.

“We have plenty of folders at the moment. We get compliments often on them and the partners are so glad we chose to have you prepare them. Thanks!”

Spring L.

“Covers are working out wonderfully. Clients overwhelmingly request Lockhart’s binders over the other we offer.”

Kirk K.

“Since I didn’t put a year on my folders, I can use them until they are gone. They are wonderful folders! My clients love them.”

Robin C.

“So we are nearing the end of tax season and this is about where I start feeling like it’s going too smoothly and surely something is going to go wrong soon, and the worst thing that could happen is that we run out of Lockhart stuff.”

Alexis B.

“Very impressive folders. Just in time for some very critical meetings too.”

Sam M.

“Thank you for yet another wonderful client experience in working with you and your company. We greatly appreciate the high level of service and quality product.”

Pam H.

“I know you called several times during my first year here to check on our supply needs. It’s refreshing to have a sales person respect an industry’s deadlines and call back when things are calmer, which you did. You also made the process quick and painless. Thanks again for your help in putting the order together.”

Marlene B.

“Appreciate your attention to such a small office order. Realize we are a spec on the sales/production chart, but even the small ones add up. However, you don’t get referrals from us!! At least to my local competitors!! As I mentioned before a larger office in Illinois and I speak on multiple occasions, and he could say nothing but good things about you guys and encouraged us. Thanks again.”

Milton D.