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Trusted Advisors Retain More Clients

Learn 5 surefire ways to stay in touch and retain your clients in a low-touch, no-touch world

“High-Touch” Advisors know how to reach out and touch their clients in a personal way. While many firms are considering a paperless, “no-touch business model, wise firms recognize the need to create memorable “touch-points” for their clients, or risk becoming another faceless digital commodity. Watch our Trusted Advisor Videos and then order our free Trusted Advisor Marketing Guide to learn 5 simple tools  to help you build long-term client loyalty in the coming year. 

Touch Point 1

How To Brand Your Image Of Excellence

In the current low-touch, no-touch business climate, it’s never been more important to touch your clients with a physical representation of your brand. Watch this video to learn more. 
Touch Point 2

Why You Should Thank Your Clients

Companies that employ High-Touch business practices retain more clients over a longer period of time. See how something as simple as a thank you message can help you touch your client’s emotions.
Touch Point 3

Stay Top Of Mind By Marketing Your Services In Print

See how the “Mere Exposure Effect” can help you better promote your business and services in this brief, informative video. Good advertising is sometimes a simple as displaying your services in elegant print.


Touch Point 4

Why You Should Meet With Your Clients More Often

Trusted Advisors make a point of meeting with their clients more often – and they ensure their clients are getting the attention and service they require. Watch this video to learn more about “quality time.”
Touch Point 5

Why You Should Market Your Social Media Platforms On Paper

Almost half of the people on Earth now use social media to stay in touch with their friends, family, and businesses they love.  It’s never been more important that your clients can find you on social media. 


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