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Learn 5 Secret Marketing Strategies To Improve Client Retention

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Watch our helpful Trusted Advisor Video Series and learn 5 strategic brand marketing “touchpoints” that can help you build long-term client loyalty. Order our free Trusted Advisor Marketing Guide and Premium Folder Samples to see how we can help improve your brand experience and strengthen your client relationships.

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Touchpoint One

How To Brand Your Image of Excellence

Invest in your brand and reinforce the value of your professional work

Your brand is the “single most important investment you can make in your business. ” In the current low-touch, no-touch business climate, it’s never been more important to touch your clients with a physical representation of your brand. Watch this video to learn more.

Touchpoint Two

Why You Should Thank Your Clients

Nurture your important relationships with an attitude of gratitude

Companies that employ High-Touch business practices retain more clients over a longer period of time. Watch this video to see how something as simple as a printed thank you message can help you touch your client’s emotions and make them feel more valued.

Touchpoint Three

Stay Top Of Mind By Advertising Your Services In Print

Put the “Mere Exposure Effect” to work for you

Clients may already know what a great accountant you are, but do they know you have recently added to the services your firm offers?  Marketing and advertising all of your services in print can lead to more business and increased profits. Learn more in this video. 

Touchpoint Four

Why You Should Meet With Your Clients More Often

Trusted Advisors meet with their clients more often.  Make “quality time” for your clients

As a Trusted Advisor, you know that understanding your clients needs and wants is the key to building trust – and creating a long term business relationship. Watch this video to learn why meeting with your clients more often pays dividends in client loyalty.

Touchpoint Five

Why You Should Market Your Social Media Platforms On Paper

Use the power of print media to better advertise your digital presence 

It’s a smart business move to advertise your social media presence in print. In fact, the clean back cover of a Lockhart folder can be used as a subliminally powerful marketing billboard that will promote your social media presence whenever it is in your client’s hands, or is lying on their desk. Learn more in this video.

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