Estate Plan Folders

Portfolio Folder™

Portfolio Folder™ Legal Presentation Folder

A distinctive no-assembly legal size presentation folder that will provide a functional solution for your clients and impress at the same time.

Invis-a-bind Coverset™

Invis-a-bind Coverset™ Legal Presentation Folder

The side bound version of our Invis-a-bind folders work particularly well for financial statements, especially audits using the secure permanent binding option. Using our thicker 160# paper and concealed binding yields the ultimate professional appearance.

Ring BinderSet™

Ring BinderSet™ Legal Presentation Folder

Turn classic 3-ring binder into a powerful expression of your firm’s image. The landscape version also works great for presentations.

Conventional  CoverSet™

Conventional CoverSet™ Legal Presentation Folder

Works for any size document …. from your smallest to the very largest. This flexibility allows you to consistently project an image of excellence for all your client documents.

Prestige Folder™

Prestige Folder™ Legal Presentation Folder

Use Lockhart’s versatile double pocket folders to reflect your firm’s value whether delivering client documents or providing marketing materials to prospects.

Platinum Folder™

Platinum Folder™ Legal Presentation Folder

Build your own custom double pocket folders to accommodate the various sizes of your documents. The perfectly fitted folders will give your documents that extra professional touch reflecting your attention to detail.