Custom Report Covers

Invis-a-bind Coverset™

Invis-a-bind Coverset™ Custom Report Cover

The side bound version of our Invis-a-bind folders work particularly well for financial statements, especially audits using the secure permanent binding option. Using our thicker 160# paper and concealed binding yields the ultimate professional appearance.


JacketCover™ Custom Report Cover

Your presentations and proposals will truly shine with this beautiful custom Lockhart folder. Pages lay flat and turn easily which works perfectly for those “across the desk” type meetings. Provides just the competitive edge you need for more wins.

Ring BinderSet™

Ring BinderSet™ Custom Report Cover

Turn classic 3-ring binder into a powerful expression of your firm’s image. The landscape version also works great for presentations or to be used as a report cover.

Deluxe CoverSet™

Deluxe CoverSet™ Custom Report Cover

Dress your smaller financial reports for success with this economical folder that conceals the binding for a sophisticated professional look.

Translucent Front CoverSet™

Translucent Front CoverSet™ Custom Report Cover

Same functional design as our Deluxe Cover except uses a thick translucent vellum front instead that is custom printed with your firm name & logo.

Conventional CoverSet™

Conventional CoverSet™ Custom Report Cover

Works for any size document …. from your smallest to the very largest. This flexibility allows you to consistently project an image of excellence for all your client documents with a custom branded folder or report cover.

Two Piece Cover

Two Piece Cover Custom Report Cover

Deliver your professional reports in a classic two-piece report cover. Works particularly well for financial statements, compilations, reviews and other important reports.