Customize Folders with Your Logo, Brand Colors, & More

High-Touch Marketing Enhancements

Communicate your full value as a trusted advisor

High-touch advisors know how to reach out and touch their clients in a personal way. While many firms are considering a completely paperless “no-touch” model, wise firms recognize the need to create memorable touch points for their clients, or risk becoming another disposable digital commodity that doesn’t build client loyalty. 

Quite simply, a High-Touch Advisor = A Trusted Advisor, and that equation always adds up to happier, long-term clients whose lifetime value to your bottom line cannot be underestimated.

At Lockhart, we know the value of nurturing long-term relationships. We also share your business concerns and have some ideas about how you can reach out and engage with your clients personally, even in a low-touch, no-touch world.


Brand Your Image of Excellence

Professional work deserves professional presentation


Your brand identity is a reflection of who you are. It’s critical to show your prospects and clients that your firm portrays an image of stability, credibility and professionalism. We have an in-house design department and provide free art services to ensure that your brand truly shines. Our degreed artists have worked with thousands of professional services firms and have excellent aesthetic judgment.

Thank Your Clients

Nurture your relationships with an attitude of gratitude


In a field where trust, intimacy, and understanding are paramount to your success; one of the easiest ways to let your clients know that you truly value them, is to simply say, “thank you.”

We’ve made it easy for you to say, “thank you” with a personalized high-touch message imprinted on the pocket or back cover of your favorite presentation folder. 

Advertise Your Services

Your services need to be seen in order to effectively sell them

Clients may already know what a great accountant, lawyer, or estate planner you are; but do they know you have recently added to the suite of services your firm offers? If you haven’t marketed this fact to them in print, then they may simply not know.

Professionally imprint your list of services  in a simple, elegant, informative way on the back cover of your presentation folders.




Meet With Your Clients More Often

Set monthly, quarterly, or annual check-in meetings to stay in-touch


As a trusted advisor, you understand that the more effort you put into understanding your clients – the more their trust in you will grow, and the longer you will retain their business.

Use our new “high-touch” messaging on the pocket of your next order of Lockhart folders and reinforce the message that you are a firm that believes in personal service – and in the lifetime value of enhancing your relationships.

Market Your Social Media Platforms on Paper 

Use the power of print media to better advertise your digital presence


We’ve developed a new way to help you advertise your social media presence physically, using the power of print. In fact, we’d like you to see the clean back cover of a Lockhart folder as a tangibly present and subliminally powerful marketing billboard that will promote your social media presence whenever it is held in your client’s hands, or is lying on their desk.


Need Design Help?

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone about your design ideas to help you choose the best imprinting and folders for your business.

Not Sure What Folders You Want?

Our free Sample Marketing Kit includes a variety of our most popular presentation folders with examples of our patented embossed and foil stamping techniques.

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