Featured in The Journal of Accountancy

Journal of Accountancy • March/April 2019

Remember the first time you wore a tailored suit or dress?

It may have been before a high-school dance, a job interview, a friend’s wedding or your own. But whether you were four foot six inches or six foot four at the time, you felt a little taller. You walked more upright, took longer strides, felt and appeared more confident.

The effect on your outward appearance is an obvious factor here, but let’s not forget touch. Our tactile sense also has an impact on perception and memory. Remember rubbing that fabric between your thumb and index finger?

A tailored suit will make you look more attractive, feel more confident and think more expansively. But you don’t have to buy a $5,000 Italian suit or dress to convey your value.

A custom presentation folder is like a tailored suit for your business, ideas and services.

Imprinted on custom-made paper with a linen finish, our products will give you a stronger first impression than any competitor’s products. Your custom imprinted firm name and logo will pop!

You wouldn’t wear sweat pants to a business pitch competition or a board meeting. Your physical presence and clothing speak louder than words and a shoddy appearance will muffle your message like a towel draped over a speaker. A stellar appearance, however, will amplify it.

Present the most attractive and competent version of yourself with Lockhart Custom Presentation Folders.

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