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 High Touch Advisors Retain More Clients

As a trusted advisor, you understand that the more effort you put into understanding your clients – the more their trust in you will grow, and the longer you will retain their business. Use our new “high-touch” messaging on the pocket of your next order of Lockhart folders and reinforce the message that you are a firm that believes in personal service – and in the lifetime value of enhancing your relationships.Trusted advisors and high-touch CPA firms know the value of cultivating and nurturing client relationships, and they set regular “check-in meetings” to stay in touch with their clients ever changing business needs and wants.


What Do We Mean By High-Touch?

If you’re worrying about client retention, you are not alone. A very recent survey in Accounting Today found that, “36 percent of accounting firms’ biggest concern for 2020 was acquiring and retaining new clients.” 

So if you find yourself worrying about finding new clients, and retaining your old clients – you might also be asking some hard questions about your business practices. One very important question we think you should be asking in this current climate is this: does our business give our clients high-touch, low-touch, or no-touch service?

What do we mean? Well, it might help to offer a simple definition of high-touch first. According to Google’s dictionary, high-touch denotes “a business characterized by a very close relationship with its customers or clients.”

Essentially a high-touch firm knows how to build and nurture relationships with their clients. They know the lifetime value of good clients and understand that it costs about 6X more to land a new client than it does to keep an existing client. So the high-touch advisor chooses to put in the time and care it takes to be seen as a personal, trusted advisor by their clients, and they retain client loyalty and business over a longer period of time.

Exceptional Client Service

When you work with us, you get a knowledgeable, dedicated rep to work with you one-on-one. You get to talk with a real person about your objectives rather than being passed back and forth between sales reps in a call center based on their availability. We maintain a full staff year-round, not just during tax season, to ensure we are here for all your custom presentation folder needs.

CPA Presentation Folders for Accountants

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Lockhart’s prestigious, patented Custom Tax Return Folders and Tax Presentation Folders help your firm project an image of quality and distinction creating a tactile experience for your clients and reinforcing the high value of your work. Lockhart Tax Return Presentation Folders are quite simply, a class above, without peer, and made from the finest cotton cover stock available, custom milled exclusively for our most discriminating clients, and backed by Lockhart’s 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.